Lab Photo 2019

Student Advising

PhD Students Graduated

  1. Dr. David P. Brickler, (PhD Human Centered Computing), “Investigating Visuo-Haptic Interaction Fidelity and Display Metaphors on Near-Field Fine Motor Selection and Manipulation Tasks in Virtual Reality,” 8/2021, (Advisor).
    • Current Position: Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Department of Computer Science & Department of Psychology, The University of Utah.
  2. Dr. Matias Volonte (PhD Human Centered Computing), “Effects of Virtual Humans in Dyadic and Crowd Settings on Emotion, Visual Attention and Task Performance in Interactive Simulations,” 5/2021, (Advisor).
    • Received School of Computing Outstanding Human Centered Computing PhD Student Award 2019-2020.
    • Currently Position: Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Khoury College of Computer Sciences, Northeastern University.
  3. Dr. Ayush Bhargava (PhD Computer Science), “The Effect of Anthropometric Properties of Self-Avatars on Action Capabilities in Virtual Reality,” 12/2019, (Advisor).
    • Received the Graduate School Doctoral Dissertation Completion Grant Award 2018-2019.
    • Currently Position: UX Researcher, Facebook Reality Labs.
  4. Dr. Elham “Ellie” Ebrahimi, (PhD Human Centered Computing), “Investigating Embodied Interaction in Near-Field Perception-Action Re-calibration on Performance in Immersive Virtual Environments,” 12/2017, (Advisor).
    • Received School of Computing Outstanding Human Centered Computing PhD Student Award 2015-2016.
    • Received School of Computing Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award 2014-2015.
    • Currently Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of North Carolina at Wilmington.
  5. Dr. Dhaval Parmar, (PhD Computer Science), “Evaluating the Effects of Immersive Embodied Interaction on Cognition in Virtual Reality,” 08/2017, (Advisor).
    • Received School of Computing Outstanding Computer Science PhD Student Award 2014-2015.
    • Currently Position: Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Khoury College of Computer Sciences, Northeastern University.
  6. Dr. Jeffrey W. Bertrand, (PhD Human Centered Computing), “Examining the Effects of Interaction Fidelity on Task Performance and Learning in Virtual Reality,” 12/2016, (Advisor).
    • Received School of Computing Outstanding Human Centered Computing PhD Student Award 2013-2014, received the award at the College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Science annual ceremony.
    • Currently Position: Director of Visualizations, Clemson University Center for Workforce Development (CUCWD).

Current PhD Students

  1. Roshan Venkatakrishnan (PhD Human Centered Computing), “Longitudinal Experiences in Perception-Action Coordination in Virtual Reality,” expected: 08/23, (Advisor).
  2. Rohith Venkatakrishnan (PhD Human Centered Computing), “Investigating the Perceptuo-Motor Basis and Calibration on Cybersickness in Virtual Reality,” expected: 08/23, (Advisor).
  3. Mark Tolchinski (PhD Human Centered Computing), TBD, expected: 05/26, (Advisor).
  4. Murmu Chandni (PhD Human Centered Computing), TBD, expected: 05/26, (Advisor).
  5. Alex Schlesner (PhD Human Centered Computing), TBD, expected: 05/26, (Advisor).

Past and Present PhD Student Committee Member

  1. Hannah Solini (PhD Human Factors), “Just Around the Corner: The Impact of Instruction Method and Corner Geometry on Teleoperation of Virtual Unmanned Ground Vehicles,” 12/2021, Committee Member.
  2. Dr. Marie Jarrell (PhD Human Centered Computing), “The Importance of Play: Identification with Video Game Characters’ Intersectional Effects on Bias,” 12/20, Committee Member.
  3. Dr. Alexandre Gomes de Siqueira (PhD Human Centered Computing), “Toward New Ecologies of Cyberphysical Representational Forms, Scales, and Modalities,” 09/19, Committee Member.
  4. Dr. Tania Roy (PhD Human Centered Computing), “Secondlook: A Prototype Mobile Phone Intervention for Digital Dating Abuse,” 07/18, Committee Member.
  5. Dr. Brian Day (PhD Human Factors), “Examining the Effects of Altered Avatars on Perception-Action in Virtual Reality”, 06/17, Committee Member.
  6. Dr. Toni B. Pence (PhD Human Centered Computing), “Iterative Development and Evaluation of a Virtual Pediatric Patient System”, 06/15, Committee Member.
  7. Dr. Jerome McClendon (PhD Human Centered Computing), “Optimization of a Language Model for the Classification of Queries in a Script Based Conversational Agent”, 05/15, Committee Member.
  8. Dr. Lauren C. Dukes (PhD Human Centered Computing), “A Scenario Builder Tool for Pediatric Virtual Patients”, 05/15, Committee Member.
  9. Dr. Kennis Gosha (PhD Human Centered Computing), “The Application of Relational Agents for Mentoring African-American STEM Doctoral Students”, 05/13, Committee Member.

Masters Students Graduated

  1. Anand Saral (MS Computer Science), “Redesign and Implementation of the Rapid Response Training System for Healthcare Worker Education,” 05/21, Advisor.
  2. Pratyush Singh (MS Computer Science), “Design of a Mobile Health Monitoring Virtual Human Application and Empirical Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Interactive Virtual Human on Presence, Healthcare Outcomes and Usability,” 08/18, Advisor.
  3. Vibhor Rastogi (MS Computer Science), “Virtual Reality Based Simulation Testbed for Evaluation of Autonomous Vehicle Behavior Algorithms,” 12/17, Co-Advisor.
  4. Himanshu Chaturvedi, (MS Computer Science), “Virtual Humans and Photorealism: The Effect of Photorealism of Interactive Virtual Humans in Clinical Virtual Environment on Affective Responses,” 12/15, Advisor.
  5. Yangxiang Wu, (MS Computer Science), “Effects of Virtual Human Animation on Emotion Contagion in Simulated Interpersonal Experiences,” 05/14, Advisor.
  6. Manan Gupta, (MS Computer Science) “Data Driven Approach to Multi-Agent Low Level Behavior Generation in Medical Simulations,” 05/2012, Advisor.
  7. Philip Napieralski, (MS Computer Science) “Effects of Immersion on Spatial Updating in Virtual Panoramas,” 05/2012, Advisor.

Masters Graduates Committee Member

  1. Balagopal Raveendranath, (MS Applied Psychology) “Affordance Judgement For Collision or Bypass of Objects By Rotating Panels,” 05/2021, Committee Member.

Undergraduate Student Advising

  1. Nathan Brown (BS CS) “Designing Interactive Virtual Humans in VR Systems,” expected 5/2022, Chair/Advisor.
  2. Mark Tolchinsky (BS CS Honors) “Investigating Motor Control during Tracking in Extended Reality (XR),” expected 12/2021, Chair/Advisor.
  3. Ian Wood (BS CS Honors) “Design and Evaluation of a Treadmill System for Immersive Travel in Virtual Reality,” 05/2012, Chair/Advisor.